Small Bow Quilt Rack

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This wall mounted quilt rack will hold one quilt that is folded and fanned out for display.

This quilt rack looks great at the end of a hall or in a living area. This is a great way to display a quilt in a small area. It is made of red oak.

The back of this quilt holder is heart shaped. The pictured quilt rack has a "warm brown" stain.

The dimensions of the quilt rack are 10" wide x 8" height x 7" depth. The area for the quilt is approximately 4" by 3" giving you 12 square inches of space to accommodate your quilt. This quilt rack is great for those places with a small hanging area.

Our handmade quilt racks all have a beautiful lacquer finish.  It comes with an metal holder that you can hook over a screw that has been placed in a wall stud. This quilt rack is handmade in Oklahoma!