Oak Quilt Rack Round

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Our quilt rack will allow you to display your quilt with great pride!

Important information:

Length - 31"

Height - 30"

Depth - 11"

Our solid oak quilt rack has triple top rails to drape and display your favored quilt, blanket or afghan. This quilt rack is a great addition to your home decor. Whether you are a quilting enthusiast, purchased a quilt, or received one as a gift, you need a way to display your treasure in a manner befitting its beauty. Our round toped standing quilt rack will be perfect for you. The style of this oak quilt rack is unique and has beautiful look.

This handmade oak quilt rack is pictured in a natural finish. We apply 3 coats of semi-gloss lacquer.

These quilt holders are as sturdy as they are beautiful. You can display 3 quilts on the 3 dividers.

Due to UPS size requirements the quilt racks are shipped knocked down. Some assembly required. The quilt rack will be delivered to you in 4 pieces that are easy to assemble. Screws for assembly will be included. Instructions are included. Get your quilt rack now while we have time to build your quilt holder before the Christmas rush! We only use wood, not pressed wood or plastics of any kind.